Conditional Love

Conditional Love

Does your mom really love you?

Wow, you're being kind of defensive aren't you? Maybe she loves your brother just a bit more.


Parents love you unconditionally, but it doesn't hurt to do something nice every once in a while just to say

I love and appreciate you. (more than my stupid-head brother)


With your new-found resolve, you look for a gift. Flowers? Spa treatment? Fancy-schmaltzy dinner?




Wow, just looking at those prices is making your wallet hurt. A handmade card doesn't look so bad right about now.

It's the thought that counts?


Citydomo is here for you. Want 50% off a full spa treatment? A full, free spa session? Or would you rather take her shoppingFlowers  would be a nice touch. AND THEN follow that with a nice, discounted meal.




That's a pretty good deal. Enticing enough that you're probably tempted to take it for yourself

(don't worry, Citydomo never judges...)

All you do is...

1. Go on and create an account. (by linking to Facebook or creating a new, separate one)

2. Earn points by being an active member on the site. (logging in, rating and writing reviews of places, etc.)

3. Redeem said points for AWESOME rewards


It's extremely simple, I was able to rack up several hundred points in a couple days.

Now go to www.citydomo and earn your love